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About HOT House Buyers

We are a local central Texas real estate investment company with a spirit of teamwork and caring. For the past 13 years, our team has been helping homeowners navigate difficult circumstances by providing real estate solutions.

More than real estate, our vision and passion puts us in the people business. Our mission is to help our local communities, one family at a time, through real estate solutions and education.

Our Lead Submission Program

We are excited to announce our cash incentive program, where YOU can be part of our mission!

This program is designed specifically for community members to be rewarded for taking an active approach in helping their neighbors and their community.

Many people want or need to sell their home, but do not realize all of their options. With the help of friends like you, we can provide solutions for more and more people.

We pay you just to let us know about available houses!

How It Works


Our Lead Submission Program is simple.

We will pay you per qualified lead submitted.   We will PAY you for accepted leads by Friday each week for houses submitted by Monday by 5:00 pm.  Houses submitted after that will be paid the following Friday. We will mail you a check to the address you provided when you registered.  Click on Join Us Now at the bottom of the page.

The items on the list below, highlighted yellow and with an asterisk, are REQUIRED.    Payment is made on accepted leads only.

 $10.00 per Waco,TX vacant house lead that includes:

2 photos, front & rear views
Property Address*
Zip Code

Step 1: Locate a vacant house
Step 2: Take a photo of front & rear
Step 3: Email photos to info@clickyourmouse.com
Step 4: Type the address in the subject line
Step 5: Include the city & zip code in the body of the email along with your name. 

 Reasons a lead would be disqualified:

  • Property is NOT in Waco or surrounding area. 
  • For Sale By Owner sign or Real Estate Agent's sign in the front yard.
  • Mobile Homes  Land only, we are looking for houses
  • Duplicate lead. One submission only!
  • We will NOT accept houses listed by a REALTOR. No GREEN TAGGED or RED TAGGED houses by the City of Waco.
  • We will not accept houses located in zip code 76704 or any houses east of N. 18th St. in Waco.
  • Houses with posted notices from Asset Management Specialists.  These houses are in the process of being listed with a Realtor.
  • Houses with building permits in the front window

Click this link to verify if the property is tagged: http://www.waco-texas.com/pdf/code-enforcement/Tagged%20Structures/Monthly%20Tagged%20Structures%20All%20Details%20Report%20(9).pdf
If it appears on this list, DO NOT SUBMIT!

Cell phone pictures & email are acceptable and the easiest way to submit.
There is no obligation, so join us now!

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